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World War I Started 100 Years Ago, Today!

28 July 2014

Today marks the Centennial of the start of World War One and the United States Congress established a United States World War One Centennial Commission to help commemorate it. The United States entered World War I in April, 1917, but the website of the World War One Centennial Commission is available now and filled with tons of information.

World War One had an impact not only on the United States, but worldwide.  The United States was hesitant to get involved in the war at first.  Once the United States declared war on Germany, things changed for the citizens of the United States.

Two million Americans volunteered to serve in the Armed Forces, three million more were drafted.  World War One marked the first time that women were actively involved in defending our nation.  Other women, about one million, went to work, outside of the home, to fill the jobs of those fighting in Europe.  It was a time of change for our nation.

This change is highlighted in the website of the United States World War One Centennial Commission. It is still a work in progress and more will be added in the coming months and years as the Commission celebrates the United States contribution to World War One.

Start your tour of this web page at the Home page.  The home page showcases current events and stories of World War One.  The tabs across the top will take the reader through a variety of resources about the war.

The reader will learn more about the Centennial Commission on the About page. This page is still under construction, but has a great vintage poster from the American Library Association.

The History page is filled with information. It has numerous sub-categories: Commemorating the Great War, Links to World War One Resources, Star Spangled Banner and World War One, Monuments and Memorials, and Family Ties.  Each sub category will give you plenty of resources to check out.

If you are looking for videos, you will find those at the Events page.  This is another page that is under construction, but check back for what is sure to be a great resource.

Educators of all types will appreciate the Education page.  This page has resources for educational use. Many links are provided for curriculum type resources about World War One.  Teacher guides, activities, photographs, maps and more are available.

Another page under construction is Places.  If you hover over the tab 'Places' on the home page, you will see it has a sub category for Monuments and Memorials. Monuments and Memorials are sub categories for other tabs as well and it takes you to the same page no matter what heading you use. The Monuments and Memorials page takes you to a map of the United States.  You can search in the top right corner by state, or click on the map marker for more information about World War One monuments and memorials throughout the United States

A place is being held for Partners.  I imagine in the future we will see this page filled with organizations that have partnered with the commission for the purpose of commemorating the Centennial.

This is the age of social media and the Commission is using Social Media to get the word out about their activities and resources.  Check the Social Media tab for more information.

Help Us tab is a place where readers can go to donate, volunteer, purchase merchandise, help fund raise, learn about advertising and more.  Again, you will have to hover over the Help Us tab and click on the sub category as the main page is still under construction.  Not all sub categories pages are up and running yet.

The last tab is for Press & Media.  Media inquiries, video library, and news feeds are currently available for more information.  Coming soon to this area will be a promotional tool kit, communication plans, and commemoration news.

The World War One Centennial Commission website shows great promise as it gears up to commemorate the United States entering the war.  You may think you will wait to check this website out until it is fully up and running, but I wouldn't.  One of the things I enjoyed the most was looking at the old advertising posters the Commission used on many pages.  This is one webpage to bookmark and keep coming back to over the next five years.  Yes, I wrote five years.  The World War One Centennial Commission plans to commemorate World War One through the year 2019.  Be sure to check back often.


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