to Journey to the Past, I'm Brenda (Glover) Leyndyke and I believe researching your family history is a fascinating journey.


Maternal Surnames:

Berkey (Berne,Switzerland- Berks County, Pennsylvania)
Christner (Alsace-Lorraine, France-Berks County, Pennsylvania)
Colter (Gunderswiler, Germany)
Forney (Hessen, Germany-Somerset County, Pennsylvania)
Fredricks (Prussia, Germany-Manistee County, Michigan)
Gass (Rockenhausen, Germany)
Geffenger ((Rockenhausen, Germany)
Germann (Rockenhausen, Germany)
Graf (Rockenhausen, Germany-Howard County & Miami County, Indiana-Manistee County, Michigan
Hershberger(Basel,Switzerland-Berks & Somerset County, Pennsylvania)
Livengood (Berne, Switzerland-Berks & Somerset County, Pennsylvania)
Mast/Maust(Berne, Switzerland-Berks & Somerset County, Pennsylvania-Howard & Miami County, Indiana-Manistee County, Michigan
Mishler(Berne, Switzerland)
Nafziger (Berks and Somerset County, Pennsylvania)
Philip (Rockenhausen, Germany)
Schrag (Wynigen, Switzerland)
Schrock (Somerset County, Pennsylvania)
Seese (Hessen, Germany-Somerset County, Pennsylvania)
Van Gundy (Berks County, Pennsylvania)
Waber (Berne, Switzerland)
Whipkey (Somerset County, Pennsylvania)
Wrightweaner (Miami County, Indiana)
Zastrow (Germany-Manistee, Michigan)
Zimmer (Rockenhausen, Germany)

Paternal Surnames:

Barber (Haverhill, Massachusetts)
Beal (England-Hingham and Weymouth, Massachusetts)
Begole (Hagerstown, Maryland)
Blackwell (England-Sandwich, Massachusetts)
Brewster* (England-Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts)
Clark (Braintree, Massachusetts)
Clements (England-Andover and Haverhill, Massachusetts)
Crehore (Milton, Massachusetts)
Dyer (New York- Adrian, Michigan)
Farnum (Rochester, England-Andover, Massachusetts)
Fenn (Pittsford and Shoreham, Vermont-Washtenaw County, Michigan)
Fish (Sandwich, Massachusetts)
Ford (England-Hingham and Weymouth, Massachusetts)
Freeman (Pulborough, Engand-Sandwich and Harwich and Eastham, Massachusetts)
Fuller *(Redenhall , England-Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts)
Glover (England-Milton and Conway, Massachusetts-Phelps, New York-Michigan)
Haseltine (England-Haverhill, Massachusetts)
Hersey (Hingham, Massachusetts)
Hopkins* (Hursley, England-Plymouth Colony and Yarmouth, Massachusetts)
Jackson (Ireland-Collingwood, Ontario)
Mayo (England-Hingham and Harwich and Yarmouth, Massachusetts)
McGee (Ireland-Collingwood, Ontario)
Merrick (Wales-Eastham, Massachusetts)
Osgood (England-Andover, Massachusetts)
Poore (New Hampshire-Andover and Newberry, Massachusetts-Michigan)
Powers (Vermont-Michigan)
Prence (Lechlade, England-Plymouth Colony and Duxbury, Massachusetts)
Rowley (England-Barnstable and Plymouth and Harwich, Massachusetts-East Haddam and Sharon, Connecticut- Shoreham and Pittsford, Massachusetts)
Salisbury (Erbistock, England-Braintree, Massachusetts-Phelps, New York)
Santclare (Newbury, Massachusetts)
Shatswell (Ipswich, England-Newbury, Massachusetts)
Spurr (England-Dorchester, Massachusetts)
Stewart (Shoreham, Vermont-Kent, Connecticut)
Swallow (New York-Adrian, Michigan)
Swift (England-Sandwich, Massachusetts)
Thomas (Carmaethan, Wales-Weymouth, Massachusetts)
Tracy (Great Yarmouth, England-Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts)
Watt (Methil, Scotland-Marquette, Michigan)
Webster (Ipswich, England-Ipswich, Massachusetts)
West (Salem, Massachusetts)
Whelden (Nottinghamshire, England-Malden, Massachusetts)
Whitman (England-Weymouth, Massachusetts)

(*Mayflower Ancestors)