26 June 2013

Just Too Many Good Choices at FGS 2013-How I Decide

Even though the FGS Conference is in August, it is time to be thinking about what lectures I would like to attend.  The schedule is up at their website and attendees are asked to make their selection to aid the organizers in planning.

I enjoy this process of conference planning.  I look over the lectures and read speaker's biographies, marking ones that look interesting or would further my genealogical education and research.  Sometimes, I have more than one choice at the same time that looks good.  One session this year I have four that I would be happy to go to!  When that happens I look at the presenter and then at the lecture that I know the least about.  Usually, I put it aside and wait a few days to decide.  I look at it again and commit to a selection for the organizers. Your selection is not set in stone and I have changed my mind between the time of the selection and the actual conference.  I try to pick from a variety of  tracks.  I try to pick at least one lecture on a subject that is new to me.  I even schedule one session time to spend at the exhibit hall.  The exhibit hall is less crowded during the session time and I find it an enjoyable experience to explore what they have to offer.

Now that my selections are made, I open google calendar and lay out my schedule. I include special events and luncheons I am attending as well as the selected lectures.  I usually print a copy to keep in my hotel room, but I have access to my calendar on my phone for everyday use.  

Being organized and knowing where I am going, and when, helps me enjoy the conference experience even more.  Now, that my selections are made I can start working on my research plans.  After all, it is less than two months away.  The time is going fast.  Don't miss this great opportunity to immerse yourself in all things genealogy.

I am a Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) Ambassador.  My role as an ambassador is to help promote the FGS 2013 conference through blogging and other social media platforms.  The publicity committee provided a few writing prompts which my response is posted above.

25 June 2013

Another Twig on the Glover Family Tree

One of the great joys as a genealogist is being able to add a new 'live' family member to the family tree.  I was able to do this last week when my brother and his wife had their second child, who I will call Lord Stanley.  Lord Stanley's real name is one that when my brother told me I got excited as it is the same name as our fourth great grandfather.  Of course, my brother didn't know this at the time they named Lord Stanley, but I was excited anyway.

Lord Stanley's birth also allows the family name to continue.  I only have one brother and Lord Stanley is his only son.  He is the eighth grandchild of my parents.  I live near my parents and it was fun to see the excitement and joy that Lord Stanley brought to them.

Lord Stanley has a big sis, Cutie Pie.  Cutie Pie is pretty excited to have a little brother.  I am sure she will be an excellent big sister.  I can speak from experience having a little boy in the house is pretty special.

Welcome to the family, Lord Stanley!  I can't wait to meet you.

(Lord Stanley and Cutie Pie are nicknames I have chosen to use for my nephew and niece on this blog to protect their identity at such a young age.  Lord Stanley was chosen because both months and years that my brother had babies the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup.  My son-in-law works as Director of Photography for the Chicago Blackhawks and we are big fans.)

11 June 2013

Fredricks Genealogy Group Comes Through in a Big Way

Freighter crew that worked the Great Lakes
Otto August Fredricks is in the first row, last one on the right.

I started a Fredricks Genealogy Group on Facebook awhile ago.  I have been posting pictures and stories and my cousins share their memories.  Last week, we got talking about some of the trouble we got in and I laughed so hard I am sure my husband was wondering if I had gone off the deep end.  Recently, they have been scanning and adding their own pictures.  I love this part of the group.  I get to see pictures, many that I haven't seen before, that are in their collections.

One great picture that was shared by my cousin, Kathryn, is above.  My grandfather, Otto August Fredricks, worked for many years on the Great Lakes.  The picture above is the crew he worked with.  No one seems to know much more about the picture than that.  I tried to manipulate the picture to see the name of the freighter, which is above the windows, but I couldn't make it out.  I will be seeing my Aunt Lola, Otto's oldest living daughter, in a couple of weeks and that is one of the questions I plan to ask her.  Aunt Lola says it was the "Manitoba".  So, now I have more to work on.

The Fredricks Genealogy Group has been a great thing for me.  I didn't grow up around my family and it is fun to hear stories and see pictures of my family.  We talk about pictures, ask questions of each other, reminisce and laugh.  It is a wonderful thing.  I would never have seen this picture without it being posted on the group page.  Thank you, Kathryn.

07 June 2013

What I Hope to Accomplish at FGS 2013

I am a Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) Ambassador.  My role as an ambassador is to help promote the FGS 2013 conference through blogging and other social media platforms.  The publicity committee provided a few writing prompt questions to answer which you will find below.  This time the topic is on Conferences and Research.

How will you use your time at FGS 2013 to help your genealogical research?
Attending a national genealogy conference is a wonderful thing and I plan to take full advantage of my time in Fort Wayne.  My time at the conference can be divided into four categories:
  1. Education-the educational opportunities offered at FGS 2013 are top notched.  I have been perusing the conference program and taking note of what sessions I would like to attend.  I try to attend a variety of sessions from the various tracts that are available.  I look for sessions that will help me further my research.  In addition, I look for topics that will help me understand the life and times that my ancestors lived in.  For example, I have several ancestors who worked in the railroad industry and I plan to take the Railroad Trilogy session.
  2. Research-the Allen County Public Library is within walking distance of the convention center and I would like to try and fit in a visit to do a little research there.  Currently, I am prioritizing my research needs and will develop research plans before I go.  I used PERSI to create a periodical list to look for.
  3. Exhibit Hall-I enjoy spending time in the Exhibit Hall.  Talking to the vendors, seeing what is new in the genealogy world, and looking at books are my favorite activities in the hall.  I have already started setting aside money for this part of the conference.  I look for books on subjects that will help me in the areas that my ancestors lived.
  4. Meeting Others-I enjoy meeting and talking with others who share the same passion for genealogy as I do.  I try to attend some of the social events.  I introduce myself to those who are sitting next to me in sessions.  I have found genealogists to be very warm and friendly and you never know who might have that one piece of information that will help you.
Do you have a brick wall that you are hoping to break through at FGS 2013?
I don't plan on breaking through any brick walls at the conference, but I hope to learn a few new strategies and techniques that will help me when I get home and research.  When I was at FGS 2011, I attended a Mennonite Research session (which is being offered again; it is S-433) and the information I learned from that session enabled me to further my research immensely.

Do you have a research plan for The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library?
I haven't finalized my research plan for the library yet, but I will have one by the time I go.  It will be hard to find a lot of time to research as I don't want to miss any of the conference.  I would suggest planning a day before or after the conference for research if you haven't been to the Genealogy Center before.  You will be amazed at all that they have to offer.  I have used PERSI and created a list of periodicals that I plan to look up.  I have a list of resources that I didn't get to the last time I was at the Genealogy Center, so I will look that over before I go to see if I want to add those to my plan.  I plan to keep my list light and easy.  I do not plan any in depth research this time.  I am one of the lucky ones that can go to the library a couple of times a year and if I don't get everything done I won't worry about it too much.  

How will the lectures and exhibitors help your research?
The lectures will help me in my research by providing me with tips, techniques and strategies needed to further my research.  The tracts offered this year are those of interest to me and I imagine I will have a tough time narrowing down my choices.  I have many Midwestern ancestors so I plan to take advantage of the Midwest Tracts. I am always interested in Methodologies that will help in my research.  Plus, any ethnic tracts, especially European ones, are ones I am interested in.

The exhibitors are fun and educational.  I look for ideas that will help me organize my research, whether it be the latest software or tech gadget.  I enjoy looking at the books and seeing what is available in my area of research.  Plus, talking to the vendors and picking their brains helps.

Will you be making a stop on your way to or from the conference to research your ancestors?
You have probably read about how I am only 90 miles from Fort Wayne.  Even though I have Indiana ancestors I don't plan on stopping to or from the conference. I would have to go south to do that and I live North of Fort Wayne.  If I was stopping anywhere it would be at the Genealogy Center to do more research.

I hope you will join me in Fort Wayne as we journey though generations.  Don't forget the early bird registration price will be ending soon on July 1st.  If you haven't registered, do so today.  See you in Fort Wayne.

04 June 2013

Do You Have Summer Genealogy Related Plans?

Summer in Michigan is a nice time of the year.  There are lots of lakes and rivers to explore and sandy beaches to lay on.  Summer is usually a down time for me genealogically speaking.  I like to read, garden or go to the beach during the summer.  This year, I have decided to try and plan a few genealogically related activities and see if I can accomplish a little in my genealogical world.

I would like to take a couple of day trips.  I would like to visit the following:

  • Miami and Howard County Indiana-The Graf and Fredricks side of my mom's family settled here before migrating to Michigan.  I would like to visit the Miami County Courthouse and get Casper Graf's will and visit a few cemeteries and take pictures.  I would like to explore the area.  I may need to plan this as an overnight trip from the looks of what I want to accomplish.
  • Adrian, Michigan- The Dyer side of my dad's family settled here when they came from New York. I want to check out the library and a couple of cemeteries.   
  • Bentley Historical Library, Ann Arbor-There are two civil war era diaries, that mentions my 2nd great grandfather's gunshot wound that he received during the Civil War, that I would like to read.  Plus, the library has Lima Township vital records and Baptist records that I am interested in exploring.
  • Go to Fort Wayne, Indiana-I will be there for the FGS 2013 Conference in August, but I would like to go at least once and do a little research at the library.
  • Last but not least, is to attend the Fredricks Family Reunion.  I didn't go last year, but I am, definitely, going this year.  Shhh! Don't tell anyone but I have a killer white elephant gift to take this year.
This is what I hope to accomplish this summer besides creating more family memories with my adult children. I don't know how much of this I will get done.  I thought if I put it in print and posted it on my blog, I would be more successful at it.  Do you have summer genealogy related plans?  Please share them in the comments section.  Enjoy your summer!