04 June 2013

Do You Have Summer Genealogy Related Plans?

Summer in Michigan is a nice time of the year.  There are lots of lakes and rivers to explore and sandy beaches to lay on.  Summer is usually a down time for me genealogically speaking.  I like to read, garden or go to the beach during the summer.  This year, I have decided to try and plan a few genealogically related activities and see if I can accomplish a little in my genealogical world.

I would like to take a couple of day trips.  I would like to visit the following:

  • Miami and Howard County Indiana-The Graf and Fredricks side of my mom's family settled here before migrating to Michigan.  I would like to visit the Miami County Courthouse and get Casper Graf's will and visit a few cemeteries and take pictures.  I would like to explore the area.  I may need to plan this as an overnight trip from the looks of what I want to accomplish.
  • Adrian, Michigan- The Dyer side of my dad's family settled here when they came from New York. I want to check out the library and a couple of cemeteries.   
  • Bentley Historical Library, Ann Arbor-There are two civil war era diaries, that mentions my 2nd great grandfather's gunshot wound that he received during the Civil War, that I would like to read.  Plus, the library has Lima Township vital records and Baptist records that I am interested in exploring.
  • Go to Fort Wayne, Indiana-I will be there for the FGS 2013 Conference in August, but I would like to go at least once and do a little research at the library.
  • Last but not least, is to attend the Fredricks Family Reunion.  I didn't go last year, but I am, definitely, going this year.  Shhh! Don't tell anyone but I have a killer white elephant gift to take this year.
This is what I hope to accomplish this summer besides creating more family memories with my adult children. I don't know how much of this I will get done.  I thought if I put it in print and posted it on my blog, I would be more successful at it.  Do you have summer genealogy related plans?  Please share them in the comments section.  Enjoy your summer!

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