06 January 2013

Happy Birthday, Travis

Our son, Travis, is celebrating a birthday today and I plan on reminiscing about his second birthday.

We were living in Battle Creek, Michigan on WahWahTaySee Way at the time of Travis' 2nd birthday.  Kirsten and I took Travis to Bill Knapp's for lunch.  Bill Knapp's was a great place to celebrate birthdays.  The children's menu had their meals labeled with animal names.  Kirsten and Travis liked ordering that way.  They gave the birthday person a free chocolate Celebration cake and "Happy Birthday" was played over the loud speaker.  My kids loved Bill Knapp's and their chocolate cake.  We were sad when it closed.  Bill Knapp's Celebration Cake recipe was purchased by Awrey's and can be found at some grocery stores now.

 Travis trying to put his soccer goal together as his sister, Kirsten, looks on.

Kirk was working at Minges Brook Elementary that day.  When he got home Travis opened his presents.  Kirsten got Travis a Little Tikes Ferry boat.  Other gifts he got were a Fisher Price soccer set, clothes, wooden peg sorter (which I still have) and money.

Travis opening clothes, he looks happy.  The Little Tikes ferry boat is in the background.

We weren't living near any family at this time, so we had a quiet dinner with just the four of us.  I had made a small cake, so he got two cakes for his second birthday!  Travis is living in Florida now and I hope he has a great birthday.  

Happy Birthday, Travis!!


  1. Oh I LOVED those cakes! They were so good. Happy Birthday to my little brother!

  2. Oh, yes, how we miss Bill Knapp's too! I hope Travis had a happy birthday and that maybe -- just maybe -- someone bought him a Bill Knapp's cake this year!

  3. Kirsten, next time you are home, I will check and see if Meijers still sells them.

    Nancy, those of us from states that had Bill Knapp's know what a great place it was. Thank you for the birthday wishes for Travis.