25 May 2013

Cutie Pie is Three!

My adorable niece, Cutie Pie, is three today.  I hope she has a wonderful birthday.  I wish I was there to celebrate with her.  Cutie Pie's mom says she loves to do things for herself; is into a Princess stage, especially, Cinderella; likes to do arts and crafts and likes playing dress up.  She watches PBS' Dinosaur Train and received Dinosaur Train characters for Christmas.  My parents (Cutie Pie's grandparents) visited Cutie Pie this past year and my dad calls her little mook and she calls him big Mook.  She talks to them on the phone and they video chat with her.  I need to visit Cutie Pie more often because when we video chatted she was pretty quiet.  Cutie Pie sent me a beautiful giraffe that she had finger-painted the spots on.  I love it!  I have it hanging on my refrigerator.   Happy Birthday, Cutie Pie.  I love you.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the past year of Cutie Pie.

 Cutie Pie and I


Cutie Pie Loves Elmo!

Pretty in Pink

A Cutie Pie Size Pumpkin

Elmo needed a candy break.

I'm going to be a BIG Sister!  YaY!
(hmmm! I am going to have to think of a nickname for a boy)

M Go Blue!  I think her Dad had a little influence here.

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