17 August 2016

Vermont County Formations

It is important to understand the formation of states and counties when researching your family. Historical maps can help one in understanding this information.  I used the information found at mapofus.org and created a timeline for Vermont and its county formations.

1764       Vermont region under New York jurisdiction
1777       Vermont declares independence from New York
1779       Original counties were Bennington and Cumberland formed by the Republic of Vermont

1781       Rutland county is formed from Bennington County
Cumberland County is divided into Orange, Windham, and Windsor.  Vermont asserted claim to adjacent areas by creating Washington County and extending Orange and Windsor counties into New Hampshire and extending Rutland and Bennington counties into New York.

1782-Abandoned claims to adjacent lands, Washington eliminated

1783-Orange and Windsor gained from Rutland

1785-Addison county formed from Rutland County.

1786-Orange county exchanged with Addison.

1790-New York relinquishes all claims

1791-Vermont becomes a state.

1830 Map of Vermont (Fenn’s left Vermont in 1833)

The wonderful information and screenshots of maps were provided from mapofus.org.  If you haven't checked this website out, you need to.  It has each U.S. state and its history in map form. Each state has its own page with animated maps showing the changes throughout the years. There is a map showing the formation of the United States, a couple of military maps, and historical atlases on this website as well.  This website should be in every genealogist's toolbox.


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