11 December 2019

Where, Oh Where has My Blogging Time Gone?

The last month of 2019 is upon us and gasp! I have only written one blog post! What have I been doing with my time? It's not like I broke down my Fenn brickwall or something exciting like that. I thought I would look back on what I have been doing and/or discovered during my unintentional hiatus.

I have

  • kept reading blogs
  • learned through reading, watching webinars, and doing self study
  • kept in touch with distant cousins
  • helped organize a library at Fort Custer Historical Society, Augusta, MI
  • found out my cousin in Germany has a connection to Fort Custer, Augusta, MI
  • found out through a cousin that I am related to President Millard Fillmore's wife, Abigail Powers
  • became President of the Michigan Genealogical Council
  • stayed active in my local genealogical society
  • renewed or joined genealogical societies-I am a member of eleven societies
  • helped an author, Gregory Sumner, with resources for a Michigan POW Camps in World War II
  • began presenting at local genealogical societies
  • lost two cousins, an aunt, an uncle, and my father over the past 15 months
  • and spent time with family in Allen, Texas, Houston, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois
Every one of the above things could be a blog post. I will be back to blogging soon. I have a lot to say! I hope everyone had a great 2019 and goes into the roaring '20 with a blast.

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