25 August 2023

State vs. County Death Certificate Differences, If Any

Marquette County, Michigan, death certificate no. Local File No. 69 (22 March 1945), David Watt; Marquette County Clerk Office, Marquette, Michigan.

I ordered and paid for the above death certificate before David Watt's certificate was available on Michiganology.org. The type written one above is from the Marquette County, Michigan clerk's office. The information was taken from their death records. The typewritten one is easier to read, but it is a derivative source, meaning it was transcribed from a previous record. 

There are only minor differences between the two records. 
  1. The Michiganology copy has a state file no. 252 4952, in addition to the local file no. 69. 
  2. The Michiganology copy has industry or business as D.S.S.&A Ry, meaning Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway, the company David Watt worked for as an engineer.
  3. The Michiganology copy doesn't have the sex or race completed.
  4. The Michiganology copy has a more complete medical certification section.

"Michigan, Death Certificates, 1921-1946," Index and Images, , Michiganology (www.michiganology.org : accessed 1 May 2021), entry for David Watt, 21 March 1945; Michigan Department of Community Health, Lansing

One of the things I thought was interesting is that David's wife Catherine McGee Watt's name wasn't recorded on either copy. The informant was their son, Burt. I know he knew her given name later in his life. 

Other than David's wife's name not being recorded the information missing on the county copy isn't anything crucial to a researcher, but it is a good reminder to always check the original copy of any record you are seeking. Don't rely on someone else's transcription.

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