06 October 2023

Fort Custer Friday: Manuscript Collection

I wrote, previously, on my volunteer work at Fort Custer in Augusta, Michigan. The manuscript collection is one that family history researchers may be interested in seeing. The collection has been processed and is viewable to anyone by making an appointment.

Manuscripts collections at Fort Custer Historical Society Library are papers donated by veterans or their family members. This may include complete military records, photographs, scrapbooks, journals, etc. This collection is unpublished. 

Here is the list of names in the collection:

Alger, Russell

Arnold, Ray

Atkins, Thomas E.

Babinski, Walter

Bazel, Frank J.

Bee, Andrew

Bemrose, Clinton Earl

Benjamin, Clarence E.

Boettcher, H.

Bogen, Frank A.

Bonarek, Wazek

Bosanoz, Stephen

Campbell, Edgar H.

Carter, Chelius “Cheely” H.

Compton, Oliver Wesley

Corlett, Ransom and Wilcox, Nettie

Cox, Albert D.

Custer Family

Davidson, John and Hibbie

DePosso, Dan

Dickman, Joseph Theodore, General

Dodrill, Ira and Charlotte

Dunigan, Patrick Father

Dunkelberger, Joel

Dunkelberger, Paul V.

Finch, John Arthur

Gac, Matthew

Godfray, Russell A.

Goodwin, Hubert H, Jr.

Hanna, Duane

Harris, Doris Fisher

Henrichs, Carl J.

Hollenbeck, S W. Lt. Colonel

Hyde, Leo

Joachim, Robert

Johnson, Robert J.

Keuvelaar, John

Koppe, Robert

Kriner, Donald A.

Larney, Clayton

Lithander, Lee

Lofts, Gordon Harley

Mandell, H

McGoorty, John P.

McKeague, Eugene

McParland, Ford D.

Miller, Austin C.

Morris, Donald

Passarella, Daniel

Paulson, Robert

Payne, Leo

Perkins, John

Pequet, Patrick C.

Phelps, Gerald

Pieper, Julius H.O. “Henry” and Ludwig J.W. “Louie”

Pitman, Levi

Race, John

Richards, John Smith

Santillo, John

Schmoke, Gerald O. Jerry

Smith, Carl Jr.

Smith, Mervin E.

Spackman, James (Colonel-Retired)

Stevens, Jim

Stevenson, Louis L.

Stoughton, Paul B. Jr.

Stroebel, William H

Strosin, Herman

Swift, Harold I. and Swift, Ivan Whitney

Thiessen, Chester G.

Thralls, Louis W.

Turnball, Robert A.J.

Vickless, Pete

Villegas, Ysmael Smiley

West, John S.

Wilson, Guy M.

Wiltse, Orville

Witte, Walter J.

Woodiwiss, Kenneth O.

Wright, Elias

Currently, the library is only available by appointment. If you are interested in visiting the library, please contact the Fort Custer Historical Society via their website. If one of the above is your ancestor, leave a comment and I can let you know what is included in their manuscript papers.

I plan to use my blog to let others know what is available at the library. Check back on the first Friday of every month for more information. I will be sharing manuscript information, unique resources, vertical file topics, postcards, photographs, and more.

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