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Funeral Card Friday: Emma Louise Fredrich Chalmers

22 November 2013

I had the pleasure of meeting my Great Aunt Emma's granddaughter, Mari, and she generously shared many family photo's and mementos with me.  I made good use of my scanner with these photo's and mementos.  One of those mementos was the funeral card for Emma Louise Fredrich, beloved wife of James B. Chalmers.  Notice the spelling of her maiden name, Fredrich.  This was the original spelling of the name, but Emma's brother, my grandfather, Otto, changed the 'h' to a 'k' and eventually a 's' was added to that.  (Fredrich to Fredrick to Fredricks)

The above funeral card states:

At her residence, Church
St., on Sunday, Feb 27th
beloved wife of

Resting at the Rumley
Funeral Home, where the
funeral service will be 
held on Wednesday at
2:30 P.M.

Interment Fairview Cemetery.

Church St., Rumley Funeral Home, and Fairview Cemetery are all located in Acton, Ontario, Canada.

Emma Louise Fredrich is the daughter of J. August Fredrich and Louise Zastrow on 13 July 1876 in Manistee County, Michigan.  She married James B. Chalmers 6 June 1905 in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada.


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