23 June 2014

Vinera Eglantine (Powers) Glover Dies Leaving Ten Children-What Happened to her Children?

The start of the new year in 1847 was an emotional one for my third great grandparents, Samuel Stillman Glover, Sr. and Vinera Eglantine (Powers) Glover. Vinera Eglantine (Powers) Glover gave birth to twins, Henry and Polly, the 15 January 1847, at the age of forty five.  Henry and Polly were her 11th and 12th child.  Vinera was 44 at the time of the twins birth.  I imagine the shock she must have had when she delivered twins.

Unfortunately, the next month was a tough one for Vinera and her family.  Henry lived nine short days, dying 24 January 1847.  Polly lived for 16 days, dying 31 January 1847.  I imagine the grief that Vinera and her husband, Samuel Stillman Glover must have felt.  It wasn't the only grief that Samuel would be feeling. Vinera died shortly after this on 14 February 1847, just short of a month after giving birth to her twins.  Samuel would lose another child, Sarah Eglantine Glover, in two years on 23 January 1849.

Vinera left Samuel and her ten children in the care of Samuel, which must have been a shock to him.  I hope it was shock which led to the next few years in Samuel's life, as I don't know if I can understand the choices that Samuel made during this time.

Within three years Samuel is remarried and living in Webster, Monroe, New York. He is living with his new wife, Maria, and her five children.  Only two of Samuel's ten children, Alanson and Daniel, are with Samuel in New York.  This made me wonder what happened to his eight other children.  I needed to know and set about searching the 1850 Census for them.

Five of the ten children were adults at this time:

  • William Powers Glover, age 32, is living with his wife, Almira and son, George in Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan.
  • Samuel Worcester Glover, age 29, is living in Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • Sarah Eglantine Glover, died on 23 January 1849, at the age of 22.
  • Alanson D. Glover, age 20, moved with his father to Webster, Monroe, New York.
  • Dennis H. Glover, age 19, is living with his wife, Caroline, and son, Frank, age three months, in Oceola, Livingston, Michigan.
The remaining five children are under the age of 15 and this is where I am curious about the choices Samuel made for his children.
  • Samuel Stillman Glover, Jr., age 15, is living at the residence of John Cody, merchant, in Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, Michigan.  Samuel Jr. is enumerated on his own line in the 1850 Census.  The Cody family is beneath him but their dwelling and family numbers are the same.  Who is John Cody?
  • Daniel W. Glover, age 13, is living with his father, Samuel, in Webster, Monroe, New York.
  • Vinera Josephine Glover, age 10, is unaccounted for.  She is not with her father or any of her adult brothers or sisters.  She isn't with Samuel Jr. either.  Where did she go?  I have tried in vain to find her in the 1850 Census.  She marries Wm. P. Paine in 1857 in Ionia County, Michigan. How did she get to Ionia and meet Wm. P. Paine?
  • George W. Glover, age 8, is unaccounted for.  I have no further information on George W.  Where did he go, he was only 8?  Why would a father leave his young son behind?  Did George die before his father left for New York?
  • Annette Glover, age 6, is living with the Hiram Day family in Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, Michigan.  Who is Hiram Day?  Annette wasn't even three years old when her mother died.  Annette Glover married Jesse Youngs, at the age of 16, in Wayne, Wayne, Michigan.
I have so many questions that I would like answered.  Oh, Samuel, why did you do what you did? Samuel's marriage to Maria Winegard presumably ended in divorce. Maria is found in the 1860 Census living in Webster, Monroe, New York with a marital status of widow.  Samuel is still alive at this time and living in Rochester, Monroe, New York, where he lives until his death in 1870.  To my knowledge Samuel never lived or owned land in Michigan after 1849.  

Do you have any information about Samuel Glover or his children?  Please leave a comment, I would love to know what happened to Samuel's and Vinera's young children.


  1. I found some additional information at the Ypsilanti Historical Museum. I'll send you a long note in a few days.