01 March 2018

I'm 8!!!!!!!!

I started my journey with blogging eight years ago today with a very short post on how I chose my blog title, "Journey to the Past".  I thought I would reflect and share my thoughts on my eighth blogiversary.

People-First and foremost, the people I have met through my blog have been the best part of blogging. I have connected with a great group of genealogy bloggers and cousins.  They have shared and help me grow as a blogger and genealogist.  Also, the 'strangers' who have reached out to me through my posts on German POW's, Michigan Genealogy and Last Day Local Battle Creeks.  The genealogy community is awesome.  Thank you!

Places-I started blogging in 2010 and at that time most of my genealogy travel revolved around my family reunion in Brethren, Manistee, Michigan.  Blogging has gotten me to travel to places all around the United States.  I was able to combine genealogy research and blogging quite well.  My trips to libraries, archives, cemeteries, historical societies, court houses, churches, schools, conferences, and back country roads have been shared on my blog.  Blogging helped me explore my hometown of Battle Creek and share all the wonderful history of the area.  I traveled to New England and never blogged about it because my aging parents were my priority when I got home.  I have lots of stories to share with my readers.

Things-It may seem a little selfish to think about things when blogging, but blogging has brought some gems into my life.  Who can forget my posts on Hattie's Bible and the excitement I felt upon being trusted to preserve this heirloom?  I have received pictures, records, and heirlooms through this journey.  I was gifted a book on the area my Fredrick/h family came from in Germany by a German cousin, Michael.  Again, people are awesome!

How many of you look at your blog statistics?  I do every once and awhile, but that isn't what keeps me blogging.  Obviously, if you look at my 2017 posts-8. Yikes, that isn't even one a month.  I hope to do better this year. I am half way there with this post!

Speaking of stats, my graph looks like my weight chart, many ups and downs.  My top views vary from personal genealogy to local places to general research posts.  Here are my all time top five posts by views.

  1. Historic Adventist Village, Battle Creek, Michigan
  2. Ancestor Biography-Otto August Fredrick- if you are researching him, contact me, pretty please.  This is my maternal grandfather.
  3. Social Media for Genealogy
  4. Lt. Col. Merle Glover Tombstone-this one surprised me.  Who is looking?  Please contact me, my dad is still alive and would love to know more about his uncle.  Are you family?  Did you serve with Merle?  I would love to hear his story.
  5. Michigan's Role in War of 1812
I am proud of the blogger I have became, I enjoy sharing my home state of Michigan, my home town of Battle Creek, and my family with you.  I hope in 2024 I will be writing my 16th blogiversary post.  Stay with me and leave comments, I love to hear from you.


  1. Happy blogiversary and I'm looking forward to your next 8 years of blogging and beyond,