03 June 2022

Crowd Sourcing the Tinder Postcard Collection at Clements Library

I am actively participating in this new project from the Clements Library at the University of Michigan. It uses crowd sourcing to help transcribe information about historic postcards in Michigan. It is easy and doesn't take too much time. If you are worried about accuracy, each postcard will be viewed six or seven times before posting digitally. 

The screen shot below gives you a glimpse of what you have to do to transcribe. Each screen walks you through the process. If you aren't sure what to do on each screen there is a tutorial that will help you. Information you provide includes title of postcard, date, if known, where you found the date, and category the card would be placed in which you chose from a list. 

I have really enjoyed participating. I even found a genealogical aspect to it. My great uncle, Burt Watt, was Vice President and Mechanical Draftsman of the Lake Shore Engine Works in Marquette, Michigan. I have found a number of advertising cards from his company. The screenshot above is one of the advertising cards. Sorry for the blurry writing, my fault not Clements library's, but it says "Built for FORD MOTOR CO. BLUEBERRY MINE, ISHPEMING, MICH, by the LAKE SHORE ENGINE WORKS, MARQUETTE, MICH.  More information of an advertising nature is on the back side of the postcard.

The project is broken down into sections of Michigan. I chose Upper Peninsula. Other areas include Northern Michigan, Western Michigan, Central/Mid Michigan, and Southeastern Michigan. Recently added, is a handwriting transcription where you would transcribe what is written on the back of the postcard. 

I hope you will join me with this project. Here is an email I received about joining this great historical project. 

"A postcard just arrived for you! Straight from the American Midwest. Check out our latest project, Picturing Michigan's Past, to learn more. 

This new project from the William L. Clements Library at the University of Michigan asks volunteers to help make more than 60,000 real photo postcards from the David V. Tinder collection more accessible.

The Tinder collection paints a detailed portrait of everyday life in Michigan in the early 20th century. Images of industry, agriculture, town-life, wildlife, local disasters, entertainment, recreation, transportation, and individuals from many different walks of life make this a captivating collection for both casual enjoyment and the avid researcher. By utilizing Zooniverse, the collection can be made searchable and sortable, not only by location, but by date and descriptive subject categories, turning this collection into a more accessible and powerful research tool.

Get involved at 
Picturing Michigan's Past.

Take care and have a lovely week!

Mary & the Zooniverse Team"

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