23 November 2023

Stuffing and Savings: A Closer Look at 1974 Thanksgiving Grocery Prices

 The Harbor Beach Times, 21 November 1974, Harbor Beach, Huron, Michigan

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States and grocery prices are high. I thought it would be fun to look at grocery prices in November 1974. It was my Senior year of high school. 

The above ad is from Merrifield's Market IGA in Harbor Beach, Michigan. Harbor Beach had three grocery stores when I was in high school: IGA, A&P, and Sandman's Market. Do you remember A&P and IGA's? A&P is no longer in operation, but there are still IGA's. The only store in Harbor Beach now is Sandman's. Sandman's is a locally owned market. It was the go-to store for deli products. Their sliced lunch meat was a favorite of many people.

The prices above are a bit lower than today. Turkeys from $.43 to $.59 per pound. Do you want duck for Thanksgiving? It was $.89 per pound. How about white bread at 3/$1? 

What else do you need for dinner? Green beans for your green bean casserole were $.29, cranberry sauce $.25, tea dinner rolls 3 for $1, pumpkin for your pie was $.33. You don't like to bake your own pies; you could buy a frozen Banquet pie for $.39.  And don't forget the Alka Seltzer for $.49. Wow! I sure could use some of these prices today. Look at the price of butter-85 cents.

I am sure my mom had a grocery list with a lot of these items for our Turkey Day that year. It has been fun to look back on 1974 grocery prices.


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