10 November 2023

"Navigating the AI Abyss: A Neophyte's Journey into the World of Artificial Intelligence"

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This is the fifth blog post I have written this week about my experience with artificial intelligence (AI) for genealogy or blogging. I have given overly simplistic examples of AI. If there is something lower than a neophyte that would be me. 

I know little about the scientific method behind AI. I don't know about all the sophisticated uses of AI, but I am a lifelong learner. I enjoy learning new things. I enjoy researching current ideas and finding out how they can help me do my job better. Work better, not harder. 

I have used AI generators, like ChatGPT, for writing family stories and research help. What else can it do? I can see AI and AI generators becoming a powerful help when researching family history. Something I plan to try next with ChatGPT is historical county history. I have ancestors from the Colonial Period forward and during that time there were many boundary changes. I would like to delve into the boundary changes and land disputes between New York and Vermont. Another thing I want to try is to see if it will help me create a research plan. There are many ways ChatGPT can be a research assistance. I plan to continue exploring those options.

AI generators are a big topic now. I am seeing more information every day about AI and AI generators and their application to genealogy. If you are looking for people with more knowledge than I in this area, look at these resources.

AI Genealogy Insights-multiple articles

Legacy Tree Genealogists-Using AI Effectively for Genealogy Research

Thomas MacEntee at Genealogy Bargains-AI and Genealogy Subscription

Lisa Louise Cooke- Genealogy Gems-Should you use AI chatbots for Genealogy

National Genealogical Society-Empowering Genealogists with Artificial Intelligence

Genealogy with Amy Johnson Crow-You Can Use ChatGPT for Genealogy (with accuracy) Here's How.

Find My Past with Jen Baldwin and Blaine Bettinger-Unlocking Family Secrets with AI

Lifehacker-Your Ultimate AI Glossary and other articles

Facebook Group-Genealogy and Artificial Intelligence

and more! Share your favorite AI resource in the comments.

Disclosure: This blog posts used the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) tools. While the content reflects my ideas, writing, and research, AI was used for grammar and style suggestions.

The headline on this blog post was suggested by AI algorithms. I reviewed and selected the most fitting one to capture the essence of the content.

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