09 July 2024

Fort Custer Historical Society's Facebook Page


The Fort Custer Historical Society has a Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/968853907901812.

The Fort Custer Historical Society is responsible for establishing and managing a museum in an old WWII barracks, at Fort Custer, Augusta, Michigan. A library has been established in Moran Hall, an old theater building. There are outside tank exhibits next to the museum. An original chapel is part of the society's holdings. Display cases covering assorted topics are at the museum, theater, chapel, and inside the education center at Fort Custer. Visits to the museum and library are available by appointment. See https://fortcustermuseum.org/ for more information.

Used with permission by Col. James Spackman (Retired) 
and the Fort Custer Historical Society. copyright of James Spackman.

The museum is filled with artifacts from the various wars and Fort Custer's history. The closed stacks library has books, magazines, vertical files, photographs, postcards, and manuscript files.

The Facebook group will share some of the resources available at the museum and library. People are welcome to share their memories of Fort Custer on the Facebook group. Some people have shared their family information in relation to Fort Custer. 

Please join us and share your memories or just follow us. Look for stories, pictures, and more. 

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