04 August 2010

Border Crossing Documents

These two documents are from Border Crossings: From U.S. to Canada 1908-1935 from ancestry.com.  These two records show that Harry Glover and his wife, Lilla Glover travelled from Detroit, Michigan to Windsor, Canada on 31 May 1920 for the purpose of working in Toronto, Canada.

Information gleaned from Harry's record:
Address in 1920:  484 Cass Ave. Detroit, MI
Occupation:  Mechanical Engineer
Birthplace:  Jackson, Mich
Race or People:  Eng
Religious Denomination:  Presbyterian
Condition of Health:  Good
S.S. Name:  Harry

Information from Lilla Glover's record, that is different from Harry's:
  • Occupation:  Housewife
  • Birthplace:  Marquette, Mich
  • Race or People:  Scotch
When I showed these two records to my father, he wasn't aware that his parents had lived in Toronto, or that his father ever worked there.  These records are from 1920, my father was born in 1925.

Harry Glover worked for Chrysler Corporation during his career.  His work must have taken him to Toronto during this time.  I don't know how long Harry and Lilla stayed in Toronto.

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