17 November 2011

Trescott Street-Those Thursday Places

Trescott Street, Harbor Beach, Michigan

My family moved here in 1968.  We lived here for five years.  A few improvements have been made to this house since we lived here.  The second story and porch were added.  The driveway to the right went back to a carport when we lived there.

I spent a good part of my teen years in this house.  A few of my memories of this house include:
  • learning how to bake
  • being picked up for my first date
  • being walked home from a ball game by a boy and standing outside and just talking, really, just talking
  • learning how to drive
  • hopping across the creek to go visit a good friend, Ann
  • hopping across the creek to play in the old school playground
  • getting my shoe stuck in the muck as I hopped across the creek!
  • running away from home and only making it one block before my dad picked me up
  • biking from one end of Trescott St. to the other, which ended at the beach
  • helping my mom clean, by scrubbing a lot of tile floors
  • my brother, Neil, coming home from the hospital
  • my sister, Linda's graduation party
  • and, lots of family moments spent together.

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