18 April 2012

A Piece of Crystal Downs Golf Course History: Hattie's Bible

 Envelope addressed to Mr. Claude Glover, Munising, Michigan
from Roy Oliver, Crystal Downs Country Club, Frankfort, Michigan. 
 Postmarked Feb 24 1956, 6PM sent with three cents postage stamp.

The above envelope and letter, below, were found in Hattie's Bible.  Claude Glover is the son of Frank H. Glover and Hattie Fenn Glover.  Mr. Roy Oliver was the owner of part of the land that Crystal Downs Country Club was built on.  He also was the grounds keeper of the golf course.  My dad remembers Mr. Oliver, as he was a friend of his dad's, Harry Glover.  Mr. Oliver gave my dad an open invitation to play at Crystal Downs during his time there.  Crystal Downs Country Club, a private golf course, is north of Frankfort, Michigan off of Scenic M-22.  My husband and I drove through there two summers ago.  It is a beautiful course on Lake Michigan.  

Feb. 24 1956
Dear Claude;
I am sending a picture from our Frankfort paper of Gentlemen of the Jury, which must of been taken about 1896 or 97.  I think you will know one of there men, the third one from the left standing.

Not many of the old timers left here.  George Slyfield is here yet and gets around some.

See Louie Spencer most every Summer he has a cottage on Platte River.

I am looking after Crystal Downs golf course and this will make my 30th year at it, it takes in our old farm and the Lockhart farm.  I looked after the building this course and it is one of the best.  I hope this finds you well and enjoying life, hope you can come and see us and spend a few days looking around  we have lots of room at our house and would like to have you and your wife come when ever you can.  Yours Truly Roy Oliver

The newspaper clipping Mr. Roy Oliver sent along with the letter to Claude Glover.  Claude's father, Frank H. Glover is third from left, standing.

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