06 September 2012

Knollwood Apartments-Those Places Thursday

Those of you who went away to go to college probably remember the good times you had being on your own without parental supervision.  I spent my junior and senior year of college at Western Michigan University living in Knollwood Apartments.  Now, called Campus Court at Knollwood.  I had lived in the dorms at Western. I loved having an apartment.  It was a big step in independent living.

Knollwood Apartment Building M, 2011

My junior year I lived in a one bedroom apartment, in building M, that was shared by myself and a good friend, DeeAnn.  Our apartment was on the third floor, back left.  We would plan our menu's and grocery shop together.  We took turns cooking.  Favorites were taco's, salmon patties and spaghetti.  Our apartment was broken into once while living there.  I came back from the weekend and found the door broken in.  Eventually, we discovered that the young men across the hall from us had done it.  They didn't think we were home and were talking about it in the hall.  My roommate kept a journal and recorded it all, which helped in their eviction.

Knollwood Apartment Townhouse, 2011

The first semester of my senior year I lived in a two bedroom townhouse with three other girls, Jodi, Ginny, and Karen.  I shared a room with Karen. I don't remember a whole lot about this semester.  I remember doing a ton of studying and projects for the 18 credits I was carrying.  I was getting ready to student teach and had to get my classes completed.  I left in December to go home for the holidays and move to Bay City, Michigan where I completed my student teaching at Bangor Junior High School.

I have been an independent person most of my life so living in an apartment and moving to student teach didn't phase me.  I enjoyed being away from home and experiencing new opportunities that would help me to eventually start a new life without schooling.

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