11 June 2013

Fredricks Genealogy Group Comes Through in a Big Way

Freighter crew that worked the Great Lakes
Otto August Fredricks is in the first row, last one on the right.

I started a Fredricks Genealogy Group on Facebook awhile ago.  I have been posting pictures and stories and my cousins share their memories.  Last week, we got talking about some of the trouble we got in and I laughed so hard I am sure my husband was wondering if I had gone off the deep end.  Recently, they have been scanning and adding their own pictures.  I love this part of the group.  I get to see pictures, many that I haven't seen before, that are in their collections.

One great picture that was shared by my cousin, Kathryn, is above.  My grandfather, Otto August Fredricks, worked for many years on the Great Lakes.  The picture above is the crew he worked with.  No one seems to know much more about the picture than that.  I tried to manipulate the picture to see the name of the freighter, which is above the windows, but I couldn't make it out.  I will be seeing my Aunt Lola, Otto's oldest living daughter, in a couple of weeks and that is one of the questions I plan to ask her.  Aunt Lola says it was the "Manitoba".  So, now I have more to work on.

The Fredricks Genealogy Group has been a great thing for me.  I didn't grow up around my family and it is fun to hear stories and see pictures of my family.  We talk about pictures, ask questions of each other, reminisce and laugh.  It is a wonderful thing.  I would never have seen this picture without it being posted on the group page.  Thank you, Kathryn.

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