06 January 2014

A Day in the Life: Happy Birthday, Travis

Three years ago I started writing a day in the life blog posts in honor of my children's birthday.  This year I am writing about my son, Travis, turning three.  It doesn't seem that long ago that we were celebrating this birthday.  Travis has grown into a fine, young man with a great job with the University Athletic Association (UAA) at the University of Florida.  I won't be with Travis as he celebrates his birthday today, but I hope it is as special as he is.

It was January, 1990, our family had spent the weekend visiting friends in Port Sanilac, Michigan.  We stopped on the way home and treated the birthday boy to a dinner at Chi Chi's in Lansing, Michigan.  We drove home after dinner and continued the celebration by opening presents and enjoying cake and ice cream.

The birthday theme was Batman.  I don't know if this was my love of Batman or Travis', but the cake, napkins, and one special gift was Batman related.  Here are a few pictures from his third birthday.

 Travis enjoying his Little Tikes hard hat and digger.  
He used it to pick up cars, blocks, toys, and more.  
Plus, I think there were a few holes in the yard after this.

Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse. This was the sweatshirt, a pair of warm up pants were included.

A gift from 'sis', his name for Kirsten.  It's a Ghostbuster's Ghostpopper gun.  
It had cylinder foam pellets that Travis loved shooting around the house. 

  Travis and his bat cycle.  He rode his bike all over-in the basement, garage and driveway.

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