31 December 2013

Last Day Local: 12 Days of a Michigan Christmas

My daughter, Kirsten, and her mother-in-law, Leslie, have an annual tradition of attending the One of a Kind Show in Chicago, held at the Merchandise Mart.  Artists from all over North America show their wares and let shoppers find a truly, one of a kind gift.  I was the recipient of one of the artists, David Price, work, 'A Michigan Christmas' cotton towel. I love it.  It is beautiful enough to frame.

Here are the 12 Days of A Michigan Christmas and their meaning:

  1. A Partridge in a White Pine Tree:  The White Pine is Michigan's State Tree
  2. Two Bowls of Kellogg's:  Kellogg's is located in the Cereal City of Battle Creek, my hometown.
  3. Three Feet of Snow:  Yes, we do get a lot of snow.
  4. Four Great Lakes:  Lakes Michigan, Huron, Superior, and Erie touch the shores of Michigan. The fifth Great Lake, Ontario, does not.
  5. Five Gold Motown Records:  Motown Records was founded by Berry Gordy, Jr in Detroit, Michigan.  It was the record company of The Supremes, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5, The Four Tops and many more.
  6. Six Cars a-Building:  Detroit is known as the Motor City and car manufacturing is an important part of Michigan's history.
  7. Seven Vernor's Ginger Ales a-Fizzing:  Vernor's Ginger Ale was invented in 1866 by James Vernor, a Detroit pharmacist.
  8. Eight Yoopers Dancing:  A Yooper is a nickname for someone living in the U.P. or Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
  9. Nine Tigers Batting:  The Detroit Tigers are Michigan's American League Baseball Team.
  10. Ten Cold Days in Hell:  Yes, there really is a Hell.  Hell, Michigan that is.
  11. Eleven Spartans and Wolverines Blocking:  This refers to the Michigan State Spartans and University of Michigan Wolverines Football teams.  
  12. Twelve Hockey Sticks a-slapping:  Michigan's beloved hockey team is the Detroit Red Wings. 

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