22 February 2014

Sibling Saturday: The 12 Fredricks Brothers and Sisters

The Children of Otto August Fredricks and Daisy (Graf) Fredricks
Back Row L-R Leona Fredricks Graf, Ray Fredricks, Otto Robert Fredricks, 
Richard Fredericks, Lola Fredricks Brown, Audrey Fredricks Glover
Middle Row L-R John Fredricks, Twin N. Jean Fredricks Kaskinen, 
Daisy (Graf) Fredricks, Otto A. Fredricks, Twin Norman Fredricks, Harold Fredricks
Front Row L-R Kathryn Fredricks Tritten, Marie Fredricks Kurth

The above picture of the Fredricks siblings was taken at the home of Kathryn Fredricks Tritten, in Brethren, Michigan, sometime in the 1960's.  I remember being there as a professional photographer came to the home and set up to take the picture.  I have always admired my grandmother for raising 12 children.  In addition, she took in some of her grandchildren from time to time.  Her home was open to anyone who needed it. 

Daisy (Graf) Fredricks with her 12 children, June 1973

Back Row L-R Audrey Glover, Norman Fredricks, Ray Fredricks, Bob Fredricks, Marie Kurth, 
Front Row Standing L-R Leona Graf, Daisy Graf Fredricks, Kathryn Tritten, Lola Brown, Jeannie Kaskinen, John Fredricks (behind Jeannie), Richard Fredericks, Harold Fredricks(behind Richard)

It wasn't often that the 12 siblings were able to get together all at the same time, but this picture was taken in June of 1973.  It was taken next to the ball field at Brethren Park, in Brethren, Michigan.

You may notice the spelling of Richard's last name.  No, it isn't a typo.  Richard's birth certificate has the spelling of Fredricks as F R E D E R I C K S.  He is the only one of the twelve who uses that spelling.

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