27 February 2014

George Dyer Visits His Brother

Mr. and Mrs. George Dyer returned Friday, after spending a week at the home of his brother, William Dyer of Raisin.  Their little child has been very sick with the grip and measles.

The above newspaper clipping was found in the Adrian (Michigan) Daily Telegram on 27 February 1908.  George and William Dyer are the sons of William G. Dyer and Mary Ann Swallow, my third great grandparents.  George and William had a sister, Adeline, who was my second great grandmother.  William Dyer and his wife, Frederica had two sons in 1908:  Harold, age 3, and Howard, age 1.  I do not know which child was sick, but I imagine having the measles in 1908 was a scary thing with the young ages of the boys.  Grip is another name for flu.  Raisin is a township in the county of Lenawee in Michigan.  It is about six miles from Adrian, where George lived at the time.

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