10 April 2015

Follow Friday: Genealogist on a Journey Blog

Rebecca Walbecq is one of our newest Geneabloggers!  Welcome, Rebecca! Rebecca's blog is Genealogist on a Journey.

I first learned of Rebecca's blog when I was looking at the blog roll at Geneabloggers with my daughter for a presentation she was working on. I noticed that there were two "Journey to the Past" blogs: mine and Rebecca's.

Since my social media guru daughter was with me at the time I asked her what her thoughts were on it. Should I let Rebecca know about it or not?  We talked about it and decided I didn't need to do anything about it, just let it go for now.

Later, I posted on a Facebook page and asked what they would do if they found there was a blog with the same name as theirs.  One of the responses prompted me to buy my own domain. I went with google domains and purchased the domain name, Journeytothepastblog.com.  I didn't want any problems with using just Journey to the Past, because of the connection to the movie, Anastastia.

It wasn't until I saw the list for New Genealogy Blogs for the week of March 28th , at Geneabloggers, that I decided to contact Rebecca. I was thinking about it and decided I would want to know if I had the same blog name as someone else. This is what I wrote to Rebecca:

Hi, Rebecca, Congratulations on your journey with genealogy blogging. I just wanted to let you know that I have a blog by the same name, Journey to the Past. I don't know if that matters to you or not, but just wanted to let you know. The only thing I could think of is that those looking for your blog may end up on mine because I have been blogging for 5 years now. If you are curious you can check my blog out at www.journeytothepastblog.com Again, congratulations and I hope you are as successful in your journey to the past as I have been in mine. Sincerely, Brenda Glover Leyndyke

Rebecca emailed me back and said she was changing her blog name to Genealogist on a Journey.  I want to extend a big welcome to Rebecca and encourage all my readers to go to Rebecca's blog, Genealogist on a Journey .  She has surnames, pedigree charts, her father's line, mother's line, DNA information, links, a place for readers to share information, a discussion forum, and contact information on her website.  Rebecca has places to connect with her on social media sites, as well.  It is a well designed website and blog.

Please give Rebecca and her blog, Genealogist on a Journey, a warm welcome to the world of blogging. I agree with Rebecca when she says that genealogy is a journey.

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