25 May 2016

Cutie Pie is 6!!!!!!

Wow! Cutie Pie is celebrating her sixth birthday.  Happy Birthday, Cutie Pie.  She is a kindergartner now and finishing up her school year.  Cutie Pie had a big change in her life this year.  She moved from Alabama to Texas in the Fall.

I was lucky enough to visit Cutie Pie and her family, in September, while her mom and dad were house hunting in Texas.  We had a great weekend.  I even got to wait in the car pool line when I took her to school on a Friday morning.  We went to get manicures and pedicures after school that day. The salon had the cutest Hello Kitty chair for her to sit in. When we got home we had a pizza and movie night with her brother, Lord Stanley, and Uncle Kirk. I asked her what kind of pizza she liked and she said one without cheese.  I didn't think she was serious, but she was.  Cutie Pie doesn't like cheese on her pizza. She was pretty tired that night and went to bed after two stories.

One of the stories she liked that weekend was "Boris Gets a Lizard" we read it quite a few times.  She liked Boris a lot and when I heard they were moving I sent her the "Boris On the Move" book.

The next morning we talked about how we would like to spend the day.  Cutie Pie wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and being the good Aunt that I was that was the plan.  I fixed her and her brother pancakes for breakfast, we played a couple of memory games, and headed out for lunch mid day.  She likes the soft pretzels at Buffalo Wild Wings and asked if she could get her own basket, which she did, minus the cheese of course.

After lunch we headed to Toys R 'Us where I got to be the best aunt ever and spoil them with toys. I even had Cutie Pie show me what toys she would like for Christmas. We headed back home for some play time outside with a water table.

After a trip to Target for a few things that were to be a surprise for her mom, who was coming back later that day, we headed home.  We had craft time, where Cutie Pie made a card for her mom.

I called Cutie Pie a couple of weeks ago to see what she would like for her birthday and she got all shy on me.  She wouldn't talk, but her mom took her to Target and sent me a few pictures of a few things she would like.

I sent Cutie Pie three gifts for her to enjoy.  I hope she thinks of me when she plays with them.

 Rainbow Lights Mermaid Barbie
 Little Live Pets-Lil' Turtle Tank

 Mermaid Jewelry Kit

Cutie Pie's Dad, my brother, is really good about sending pictures of his children.  In the winter, I told him to tell her it was snowing here.  She told him to tell me, "its not fair, Aunt Brenda has snow" I told him to tell her she was going to have to come visit Michigan.

Here are a few pictures from Cutie Pie's year.  She is growing into a beautiful young girl.  She is tall and has gorgeous eyes.  Her smile lights up the room and her laugh is infectious.  I hope she has a super, fantastic, mermaid filled birthday.  Happy Birthday Cutie Pie, with all my love.

 Cutie Pie and Lord Stanley at the park, 2016
Cutie Pie in Texas at her Aunt Tammy's

The latest picture I received of Cutie Pie.

(Lord Stanley and Cutie Pie are nicknames I have chosen to use for my nephew and niece on this blog to protect their identity at such a young age.)

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  1. Lovely photos. Seeing this post brings back fond memories of my own childhood. Thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)