20 May 2021

NGS 2021 LIVE-Day 2

 Boy, was I tired last night. I think it was information overload because I didn't do anything strenuous yesterday. I must have been excited for today as I was awake from 2:30 to 5:00 a.m. I was ready for day two of conference sessions after having a chai tea!

The day started with Crista Cowan session, "Ancestry DNA: Putting Your DNA Results to Work to Further Your Research." This was an exceptional presentation. I imagine I will be watching it again. Crista walked viewers through the tools Ancestry DNA users can incorporate to help you get more from your DNA information. 

A short break was followed by a breakout session. Attendees had four choices they could choose one to attend or move in and out of the four at your leisure. I chose one, Elizabeth Shown Mills, "Finding Females: Wives, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, and Paramours." Elizabeth gave numerous examples of records to look for and how to analyze the records to glean all the information one can from them. During this presentation I was thinking about my female headache ancestor, Huldah Rowley Fenn. I think I have the answer in my research, I just need to re-analyze it and write a proof argument.

I took a lunch break today. I needed to hydrate as it is 86 degrees at 2 p.m. I used some of the break time to check out the Expo Hall. The Expo Hall has videos, resources, handouts, coupon codes, and more for conference goers. 

One vendor I want to check out further is Ancestor Tracks. Ancestor Tracks is a resource for Early Pennsylvania landowners. Their website has tools for researchers, statewide references, and county atlases. 

I entered Special Guest Ric Murphy's "The Story of Virginia: Arrival of the First Africans" late. He discussed the story of the thirty-two African American men, women, and children who arrived, in Virginia, in 1619 having been kidnapped from Kabasa, Angola. 

I had a tough choice to make for the next breakout sessions. I wanted to hear all four speakers, but I will have to listen on-demand to three of them. I chose Colleen Robledo Greene and her session, "After the Fire: Reconstructing a US World War I or II Military Service Record."  My purpose was two-fold: to enhance my own research and to help those who request help via Fort Custer Historical Society, which I am a board member.

The last breakout session of the day was Angie Bush's "Leveraging Genetic Networks to Break Down Brick Walls." I have a lot to learn about DNA and I thought this would be a good one to attend. Angie did not disappoint. I have heard Angie present before, and I like her style of presentation. 

The end of the two-day LIVE portion of the day concluded with a presentation by Marquis de Lafayette sharing the fight for independence and tourist suggestions for Richmond. 

Tomorrow will be the Focus on Societies programs. See you there.

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