15 May 2021

Where Does the Time Go?

Keeping a blog active can be a lot of work. I celebrated my 11th year of blogging in March, but really it should be more like eight years. I'm not going to make excuses as I am sure we all have times when life gets in the way. I can't promise I will be back to the 80-90 and more posts a year I used to do, but I miss blogging and want to get back to it.

Recently, I have attempted to regain some of my own time. I have been volunteering heavily in the past few years. I am relinquishing some of my genealogical board commitments. I am not getting out of volunteering altogether as I really enjoy it, I am just looking to lessen my being responsible for a few things.

I hope you will hang with me as I find a new normal for volunteering, blogging, researching, and moving. I will write more about the last one later. 

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Feel free to tell me of your blogging efforts lately in the comment section. I didn't think I needed to moderate my comment sections until I started getting so much spam. I like puppies and all, but I don't want to advertise for you. I will be checking the comments more frequently now and would love to hear from you.

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