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What's in a Name?

10 July 2010

Instead of focusing on one surname for Surname Saturday I decided to focus on first names.  Do you have names that are unique to your family? Here are few from my family tree:

Dionysus (Artz)
Wrestling (Brewster)
Tamisen (Brike)
Ievan (Cadwgan)
Teague (Crehore)
Nest (Cynric)
Hattie (Fenn)
Aminda (Fenn)
Tully (Fenn)
Damaris (Francis)
Thankful (Fuller)
Gamaliel (Glover)
Vinera (Powers)
Mehitabel (Rowley)

What's the most unique name in your family?


Nancy said...

Great post topic. Those are some very intresting names. I think the name Thankful Fuller is quite wonderful. I wonder if she was very, very thankful.

My most uncommon name, I guess, is Crewson/Crusin/Cruzon who is the brother of my great-great-grandmother. Tressa is a little unusual, but most of our names are fairly common.

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