13 July 2010


Discombobulated! That's been me for the past six weeks.  At the end of May, our home computer decided to act up.  The loss of the computer that I was comfortable with threw me into a state of confusion.  I had written a few blog posts, but not enough for what was to eventually be 6 weeks. 

Luckily, my darling hubby, had his school laptop home for the summer.  He was nice enough to share.  I shouldn't complain, but it just wasn't the same as having my own computer.  Plus, I didn't want to have a bunch of my pictures and files on his laptop.

I was a good girl and had listened to my other geneabloggers and had backed up my information.  No pulling my hair out on that front, and I don't think it can get any grayer.  I didn't want to transfer my backed up files unless I absolutely had too.  But, I eventually had to transfer some files in order to keep my blog up and running.

So, I am back and feeling less befuddled-for tonight anyway!  The home computer was beyond repair (why it took 6 weeks to figure that out I don't know), but it was under warranty and the warranty company cut us a check for the purchase price.  Yahoo! 

I am up and running with my new Dell laptop and it is better than the old desktop.  Will it help me write better blogs?  Probably not-but at least I have everything all in one place again.

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