10 July 2010

Fredricks Family Reunions

Family Reunion July, 2007
The Grandchildren of August and Louise Fredrick
L-R:  Audrey, Richard, John, Kathryn 'Kate', Norma Jean 'Jeannie', and Lola

The Fredricks side of my family has celebrated with family reunions for years.  I enjoyed attending them as a young child.  My mother came from a family of twelve brothers and sisters.  My family lived on the other side of the state, so going to the family reunion was a time to see my grandparents and lots of cousins.

Past reunions have been held in Brethren, Michigan.  They have been held at various aunt's or uncle's homes and at the original family farm, which is still in the family.  The earliest reunion I remember attending was held at my Aunt Kate's home.  She lived in Brethren, Michigan.  My grandparents, Otto and Daisy(Graf) Fredricks lived next door to her.  One of my favorite memories at past reunions is food.  There are a lot of good cooks in the family.  Aunt Kate, in particular, made the best homemade noodles.  No one has been able to replicate the deliciousness of her noodles.

This is Aunt Kate's recipe exactly as she wrote it:

1 beaten egg (with fork)
1/2 tsp. salt
3 or 4 drops yellow food coloring
2T. milk or water (I use water)
1 cup flour or enough to make a stiff dough.

Roll very thin on floured surface-turn so they dry evenly-I cut mine in strips as soon as I can cut them and they hold their shape.

Don't try to keep in cupboard, they'll mold-keep in freezer if you have more than you cook at one time-experiment-use 2 eggs if you want.

My sister, Linda, and Aunt Kate at the reunion in 2007

For the past 23 years at least, I'm not sure how many, they have been held at Dickson Township Park and Pavilion in Brethren, Michigan on the second Saturday in July. (It is being held today!)  This park is just a short walk from Aunt Kate's original home. Children games, lots of great food, white elephant auction and family stories provide for a good time.

While doing research on the family in Manistee, Michigan I came across the following article about a Frederick (sic) family reunion held in 1924.  I don't think family reunions have been held every year since 1924 but there have been reunions for years. 

Mr and Mrs. August Frederick held a family re-union Sunday, Sept.3, the first time the children had met at home for 19 years.  Sixty people were in attendance, among the number being Mrs. Chalmers of Canada, Will Frederick and family of Grand Rapids, John Bruce and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Breen and family of Manistee.  (Source:  "Brethren (News)" Manistee News Advocate(Manistee) 16 September 1922)  (Repository:  Manistee County Historical Museum, Manistee, Michigan)

Mr. and Mrs. August Frederick in this article were my great grandparents.  Mrs. Chalmers is their daughter, Emma;  Will Frederick is their son; their daughter, Mary, married John Bruce; and their daughter, Augusta 'Gustie', married Herman Breen. 

Do you have family reunions?  What makes your reunion special?

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