21 July 2010

Tips and Tricks: Research Checklist

Research Checklist from http://www.jelleyjar.com/ancestor/research.html  
Unfortunately, this link no longer works.

As you may remember from previous posts, I like lists!  So when I came across this research checklist I had to make a copy of it.  This checklist has helped me organize my research and I thought I would share it.

The checklist has spaces for the following:
  • Birth Record
  • Death Records
  • Probate Record
  • Military Record
  • Marriage and Children
  • US Census Record
  • State and County Census Record
  • Mortality Schedule
  • Land Records
  • Miscellaneous Records

Even though my genealogy program, Roots Magic, has ample space for the same type of facts; I like this paper copy because I can see at a glance what records I don't have information for.  It helps trigger my memory to look for certain records and helps me plan my next steps for research.

If you like lists like I do, check this one out.  Thank you jelleyjar.com (Jelley Jar Country Home) for sharing it.

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