29 May 2010

Surname Saturday: Powers

The surname Powers is English/Irish in origin. The Powers side of my family includes:

Vinera Eglantine Powers
  • Birth: 18 July 1802
  • Marriage: Samuel Stillman Glover (Sr) 23 April 1817
  • Death: 14 February 1847, Oceola, Livingston, Michigan
William Powers and ?
Unfortunately, I haven't researched this side of the family much. I don't consider this a brickwall because of the little time I have spent on this family. Do you have anything to add to this line, leave me a note. Thanks.


  1. William Powers was born on 11 Jan 1777 in Bennington, Vermont.
    He married Lucinda Pixley on 12 Sept 1802, and they had a daughter, Vinera Eglantine Powers, born 18 July 1802, a few months prior to the marriage.

    Birth and marriage records for these individuals can be found on FamilySearch.org, along with a somewhat detailed family tree.

    They had another daughter, Mary A. (possibly Ann) Powers in 1808.

    These two daughters married the Glover brothers.

    See https://books.google.com/books?id=ygeSH-4i9VAC&pg=PA532 for the Glover Family Genealogy, published in 1867.

    Military records can be found on FOLD3.com; the US Army Register of Enlistments for the War of 1812 has ten entries for different soldiers named William Powers on p. 306; ours is entry 3830, and was a corporal in the 13th US Infantry,

    He enlisted on 13 Feb 1813, reported unfit for duty on 25 Sept 1813, and died on 22 Oct 1813, leaving behind two young daughters and the widow Lucy Powers.

    A later pension record has the (former) widow Lucy Hyde as beneficiary of William Powers, Corp., 13th US Infantry. This record serves to identify which William Powers is ours.

    And of course, we already know from church records concerning Samuel Stillman Glover, that Lucy Hyde is his unloved mother-in-law! Thus the records all tie together.

    I will send images of the military records directly to you.

    Best Regards, Peter

  2. Awesome research, Peter. I was trying to piece together some research that showed Lucy remarried and Hyde wasn't her maiden name. This is great, thank you so much for sharing your research.