08 May 2010

Surname Saturday: Poor(e)

The surname Poor is English in origin. It is a variant of Power. It has been written as Poor and Poore. The Poor side of my family arrived in the United States in 1638 coming from England.

Immigrant Daniel Poor was born about 1624 in Wiltshire, England. He married Mary Farnum 20 October 1650 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. He died 8 June 1689 in Andover, Essex, Massachusetts.

Other Poor's that I am descended from include: Daniel (II), Enoch, Moses, Moses Augustus, Samuel B to Elizabeth. Elizabeth Poor married Daniel Fenn. They had a daughter, Hattie Fenn. Hattie is my great grandmother.


  1. Several members of my extended family have married some of Daniel Poor of Andover's descendants. The Poor/Poore name is very common in Essex County, and most are from Daniel's family.

  2. That's neat that we have a connection with the Poor family. I would imagine from the 11 children that Daniel and Mary had they would have left quite a few descendants. I will have to look into Essex County a little more. Thank you, Heather.