07 May 2011

A Dining Room Table in My Bedroom: 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History

Week 19 BedroomDescribe your childhood bedroom.  What furniture did it contain?  Were there curtains, wallpaper or paint?  Was it messy or clean?  Did you share a room with your siblings?

I had six different bedrooms from birth to age 18.  I have written about three of them in Those Places Thursday posts.  I had my own room at various times for the first nine years of my life.  My younger sister, Nancy, was born and that changed the bedroom configurations a little. 

The first house we moved to in Harbor Beach, Michigan was a four bedroom one and I had my own bedroom then.  I slept in a twin bed in a room next to the bathroom.  The walls were painted and the floors wood.  I remember high windows that looked over the back yard.  There were beige curtains on the windows.  I had a bookcase, a dresser and the dining room table in my room.  Yes, you read that right.  We didn't have a formal dining room in this house.  The dining room table was blond wood and the sides folded down, so it didn't take up as much space as those today do.  I remember doing my homework on it. 

It was clean!  I am a little bit of a neatnik.  (Okay full disclosure here, a lot of a neatnik.)  I like to have my space clean and organized.  My mom would dust and vacuum, but I kept things pretty neat.  I wasn't one to throw clothes on the floor and we weren't allowed food or drinks in our bedrooms.  I always made my bed and still do.  Even when I shared a room with a sister or two, it was neat.  Luckily, my sister is a neatnik, too.  We inherited it from our mother!

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  1. so you didn't actually use the dining room table in your bedroom as a dining room table, I gather. I had 6 bedrooms from birth to 18 too and 7 before I left home.