26 May 2011

Whitcomb Street, Harbor Beach Michigan: Those Thursday Places

Whitcomb Street, Harbor Beach, Michigan
January 1968-Summer of 1968

(Floor Plan made at smallblueprinter.com)

In January of 1968, my family and I moved twenty five miles north of Deckerville, Michigan to Harbor Beach, Michigan.  My dad had taken a teaching job in Harbor Beach the previous fall and the family made the move at the start of the second semester.  Our first home was on Whitcomb Street in Harbor Beach.  It was on a street with other very nice family homes.  This is probably the home I remember the least.  The above floor plan is the best I could remember.  I know we moved in the summer of 1968 because my brother, Neil, was born in August and we were in a new place by then. 

Here are some of the memories I have from this home:
  • Meeting new friends, Sharlene and Marsha.  I was in the bedroom and heard a noise outside the window, I looked and they mouthed, "Can you come outside and play?"  Sharlene lived across the street from us and we had many good times running back and forth to each others' houses.  We recently reconnected on Facebook (one of the reasons I love facebook).
  • My mom and I going up to Harbor Beach on a Friday night, just the two of us, and I helped her set up the kitchen.  (I was ten at the time, so I'm not sure how much help I was)
  • Cooking scrambled eggs on an electric stove for the first time.  I was use to gas.  Of course, I burned them when I turned the burner off and left the eggs in the pan on the burner.
  • Walking home for lunch because I wasn't comfortable in the lunch room at my new school.
  • Wanting to play in the basement, but it was a wet basement.
  • Throwing a ball in the living room and knocking over a vase and breaking it.  My sister and I hoped mom wouldn't notice (we were young, what can I say).  She did notice!
  • Hearing about my Grandpa Fredricks death, my parents went to the funeral and we had an older women stay with us.

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