08 May 2011

Do You Remember Mother-Daughter Banquets?

Happy Mother’s Day
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers.  I hope your day is filled with making family memories. 

Do you remember Mother-Daughter banquets?  Do they still have them?  I remember them as early as about eight years of age.  My mom, sister and I would go to our church, St. John Lutheran Church in Palms, Michigan, and celebrate Mother's Day, usually the Saturday before Mother's Day.  The church basement was set up for this banquet.  There was usually a program with readings or songs in honor of mothers and daughters.  The tables were usually decorated with flowers and it was a very festive time. 

In 1968, we moved to Harbor Beach, Michigan and they had banquets too.  We attended Zion Lutheran Church on Garden Street in Harbor Beach.  There was a Lutheran school across the street from the church.  The school gymnasium was the place to honor mothers.  We attended a few banquets here.  By this time, we had added another sister to the family.  I remember, in high school, helping to plan one of the banquets.  Usually a mother would read a tribute to daughters and a daughter would read a tribute to mothers.  A beautiful Mother's Day cake was dessert. 

I only remember attending two as a mother.  Our current church doesn't get into that.  One year my mother; myself and daughter, Kirsten; my sister, Nancy and daughter, Brianna went to the Battle Creek Inn in Battle Creek, Michigan for the Mother-Daughter Banquet that our church organized.  I remember thinking how special it was to share it with my mother and sister.  One year was a magic theme with entertainment by a magician.  The next year was a flower theme with a Master Gardener as the speaker.

Below is the ticket and program from the "Magic Moments" Mother-Daughter Brunch in 1992.  My daughter was 8 that year.

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  1. I remember that! I got that cute stuffed white rabbit there with the oversized pink feet. Such a fun tradition.