28 July 2011

Chism or Chum? Help! Who Is He?

The above picture and envelope below it were found in Hattie Fenn Glover's Bible, which is in my possession.  This picture and a picture of Frank H. Glover and Hattie Fenn on their wedding day were both in the envelope.  So, who is Chism? or is it Chum?  What do you think?

Frank H. Glover and Hattie Lodema Fenn were married on 12 May 1882 at the 1st Congregational Church in Jackson, Michigan.  Their witnesses were Frederick Wheeler and Mary S. Karnick.  Could Chism be a nickname for Frederick Wheeler? 

Who else would be important enough to have their picture taken with the groom?  The other possibility might be a brother.  Of course, I am just speculating at this point as I really don't know who it is.  Frank H. Glover had three brothers that would be around his age; Charles, who was 23 at the time, William, age 21, and Louis, age 16.

Any ideas?  Please take your best guess as to his name and leave a comment.  Thank you for visiting my blog.


  1. Hi there! I vote for "Frank and Chum". I base this on two things. The handwriting looks a little shaky, as if the writing was done years later by an elderly person - at which point one might have forgotten the name of the friend (especially if Hattie was a widow for a while). Also, it's "Frank and x" and I suspect one would normally give a first name for x (if one had that first name). I guess what I'm saying is that to write "Frank and [last name]" seems unnatural and unlikely. It would be "Frank and [first name]", or, in this case, just chum if the name was unknown. Also, my impression from the "1882" is, again, that the envelope writing happened much, much later.

    Just starting my blog, but I too have some picture dilemnas I may put up eventually.

  2. Diane, Thank you for your input. I agree with Chum and that it was written much later.