15 October 2012

Goal Assessment-This Should Be Interesting-Motivation Monday

I have been setting yearly genealogy goals for the past few years.  I try to assess how I am doing every three months, but due to home improvement projects, family commitments and a few personal health issues I haven't done this since April, yikes!  In fact, this summer was a down time for blogging, research and genealogy education in general.  My first thought was to just forget about it, but then I thought it would be interesting to see if I accomplished anything in the past six months. So, here goes:

My 2012 Genealogy Goals are:

  • Research, record, and source vital record information for my mother's 11 brothers and sisters.  Incomplete
  •        Research Vinera Eglantine Powers parentage.  Incomplete

  • View two webinars per month.
Researching Your New York Ancestors-Thomas McEntee through Legacy

    Researching Your German Ancestors-Kory Meyerink through Legacy

    Genealogy from the Inside-Out-Steve Luxenberg through SCGS Jamboree

    Printed Legends and Missing Footnotes-D. Joshua Taylor through SCGS Jamboree

    30 Second Genealogist-Barry Ewell- through SCGS Jamboree

    Complex Evidence-Warren Bittner-through SCGS Jamboree

    Military Records at the National Archives-Kerry Bartels through SCGS Jamboree

T  The War of 1812-Peggy Clemen Lauritzen -through Illinois State Genealogical Society

    Putting Flesh on the Bones-Ron Arons-through Legacy

    Marriages and Anniversaries-Mining Newspapers-Thomas Kemp-through Legacy

    Mapping Your Ancestors' Footsteps-Kathryn Lake Hogan-through Looking4Ancestors

    Planning Your Way to Research Success-Marion Pierre-Louis-through Legacy

    Building a Family from Circumstantial Evidence-Judy G. Russell-through Legacy

    5 C's for Success in Genealogy Today-Barbara Renick-through Legacy

    Beyond the Arrival Date; Extracting More from Immigrant Passenger Lists-Lisa Alzo-through Legacy

    What is a Reasonably Exhaustive Search-Michael Hait-through Legacy

    Use Your Digital Camera to Copy Records-Mary Hill-through Legacy
17 Viewed
Read research wiki's or courses twice a month.  Big ol' goose egg on this one


Finish the Glover surname file labels, using Family Roots Organizer System.  Completed prior to April.
    Add information received from a Glover researcher to my Roots Magic software.
         Completed prior to April.

Hmm, that wasn't as bad as I thought.  I guess carving out time for webinars was easier than any of the other things on my list.  My thoughts on my progress are below:

Research Goals-Incomplete, so no brownie points for me.  

Education Goals-I was pleasantly surprised that I viewed as many webinars as I did. Thank you LegacySCGS Jamboree 2012, and Looking4Ancestors for providing excellent educational opportunities which help me grow as a genealogist.  Thank you also to the excellent webinar presenters who take their time to develop and present these.

Organization Goals-I can't take any credit for these being completed the last six months.  Luckily, I completed those before April.  If anyone saw the floor of my office right now, he/she would wonder if I had any organizational system at all!  OK, I will share it with you; it looks like I need to get scanning!  This is only part of what is in the office.  I have a tub to the right of my desk and more on the other wall.

Hopefully, this assessment will motivate me to work on completing my goals in the next two and a half months.  I hope you have a successful next couple of months with your goals.

(P.S. Please forgive the formatting issues, I don't know if it was blogger or me, but I had a devil of a time with this post.)



  1. Set smaller short term goals, maybe that will be more obtainable.

  2. Claudia, thank you for the suggestion. Since I started making genealogy goals I have tried a variety of goal setting ways. Part of my problem is I get excited about something and off I go with that line of research.