21 March 2013

I'd Have That Day With You Again

I thought this sign was very appropriate for today.  My husband, Kirk and I are celebrating our 32nd anniversary.  Our journey together as a couple and as a family has been one filled with great joy.  I look back to where 'we' began and remember how lucky I was to have met Kirk.  It has been greater than I ever could have imagined.  Today, of all days, I want to tell him that he is still the one I would choose to give my heart to.

The pictures below are from two very special wedding days.  The first one is of my attendants on my wedding day.  The next one is from my daughter's wedding day.  I was very fortunate that they were able to be in attendance at her wedding and I had the photographer take a picture of us with my daughter, Kirsten.

L-R  Brenda, Linda, Nancy, Joanne, Mary 1981

L-R  Joanne, Linda, Kirsten, Brenda, Nancy and Mary


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