11 March 2013

Latin Inscriptions Collection Donated to University of Michigan

While trying to identify the parentage of my third great grandmother, Vinera Powers Glover, I decided to research the family of her sister, Mary Ann Powers, who married Charles Williamson Glover.  Charles Williamson Glover is the brother of Vinera Powers husband, Samuel Stillman Glover.  This research led me to Charles and Mary Ann Glover's son, Henry P. Strong Glover.  Henry P. Strong Glover is a fascinating research subject, whom I look forward to writing more about.

One of the reasons he is fascinating to research is because of the numerous records found for Henry P. Strong Glover.  He was born in 1837 and died in 1912.  Henry P. Strong Glover became quite the citizen of Ypsilanti, Michigan during his 74 years of life.  He served as Mayor of Ypsilanti, President of a few companies, and Vice President of Ypsilanti Savings Bank becoming wealthy in his endeavors.

One of the benefactors of this wealth was the University of Michigan.  Henry P. Glover donated the DeCriscio Collection of Latin inscriptions.  Henry P. Strong Glover donated a collection consisting of over 250 inscriptions on marble, brick, lead pipe, etc.  The earliest piece is from the time of Augustus in the fifth century.  Henry donated this collection to the University of Michigan in 1899.

News of this donation was reported from Vermont to Michigan to North and South Dakota.  One of those reports is below:

Source: "Latin Inscriptions. Valuable Collection Presented to the University of Michigan," Jackson Citizen Patriot (Jackson, Michigan), 1 December 1899, citing the donation of Latin Inscriptions to the University of Michigan; online images, Genealogy Bank (www.genealogybank.com : accessed 9 March 2013), Historical Newspapers.


Latin Transcriptions.  

Valuable Collection Presented to the University of Michigan by Henry P. Glover.

Henry P. Glover, of Ypsilanti, Mich., has presented to the University of Michigan the De Criscio collection of Latin inscriptions.  Sig. De Criscio is a resident of Pozzuoli, near Naples, Italy, and has for 40 years been collecting the inscriptions found from time to time in that locality.  The collection includes more than 250 inscriptions on marble, besides a few upon brick, lead pipe and other materials.  They range in age from the time of Augustus to the fifth century A. D.  Part of the inscriptions have been published by Prof. Walter Dennison, of Oberlin college, who was formerly on the Latin staff of the University of Michigan, and who called attention to the historical and archaeological value of the collection.

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