13 July 2013

A Genealogy White Elephant Gift at the Family Reunion

My 'white elephant' contribution

Today, is the Fredricks' Family Reunion at Brethren Park in Brethren, Michigan.  I don't even know how many years the reunion has been held at the park.  It has to be over 25 years now.  We had a number of reunions at the family farm, in Brethren, before being moved to the park.

One of the activities during the reunion is to have a white elephant sale.  Each family is asked to bring a wrapped gift that is auctioned off.  The proceeds help pay for the meat, paper products, postage, etc. for the next year.  In addition, memory bricks are purchased for family members who are no longer with us.  The memory bricks are laid at the Brethren Historical Museum.

One year, I made a blog2print book of all the posts I had written about the Fredricks' family.  I didn't wrap it as I wanted people to see it before they bid on it.  It went for over $100.  I was a little embarrassed it went for that much.

This year, I have decided to do another genealogy related gift.  I am framing pictures of my Fredricks grandparents, Otto and Daisy (Graf) Fredricks, and my great grandparents, J. August and Louise (Zastrow) Fredricks and Valentine and Nancy (Mast) Graf.  I was planning on wrapping it, but my husband thinks I should set it out for all to see.  I just don't want the bidding to go overboard.

I have my dish to pass planned, camera packed, questions for Aunt Lola prepared, pictures to be identified, family group sheets prepared, and my white elephant gift ready.  I am looking forward to this year's reunion.  It should be fun.


  1. I really like your idea for the auction. I think it will mean a lot to whoever gets it. Have a great time visiting with everyone.



  3. Miss Dazey, Thank you. One of my cousins bid $37 for it. It was a great day.

    Bill, I sent you an email. I look forward to hearing from you. One of the best parts of blogging is corresponding with new 'cousins'.