18 July 2013

My Independent Study of Mastering Genealogical Proof

Two months ago, I bought Thomas W. Jones book, Mastering Genealogical Proof and decided to do an independent study of it. I wanted to join one of the groups that was studying it, but I couldn't commit to attending every session due to other commitments.

I completed the first six of eight chapters the first two weeks I had the book.  I committed myself to studying it.  I didn't blog or research.  Then, life got in the way.  Summer came and the gardens beckoned, house projects needed to be done, and then family vacation time came.

I miss not studying it.  I am enjoying the study of this book.  I even graded my assignments.  My lowest score was 88% and my highest was 96%.  (It is the teacher in me).  What I like best about the book is the challenge it has presented me.  There were a couple of times I had to lay the book aside and come back to it later because I needed a break.  It is an intense study of the Genealogical Proof Standard.

The concepts taught in Dr. Jones' book will enable me to become a better genealogist.  I look at my research with a new eye now.  I find I analyze records and sources more deeply.  I cite my sources better.  I enjoyed Chapter 4, the one on sources citations.  Even though I use Roots Magic software and don't have to create my own sources unless I want to, it helped to write my own and learn the parts that are relevant to an accurate and complete citation.  I plan to go back through my software and take a second look at my sources.

I have two more chapters to go and then I plan to re-read the whole book.  I would like to complete this by the end of July.  If you haven't read this, I highly recommend it.  It is one of the best genealogy resources I have found to date.  Have you read Mastering Genealogical Proof?  What do you think?  Are you as impressed as I am?

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