26 April 2011

C.W. Post-Tombstone Tuesday

Once a month I select a part of Battle Creek to showcase in my blog.  Battle Creek, Michigan is known as the Cereal City.  This month's selection is the cereal pioneer, Charles William (C.W.) Post.  C. W. Post started the Postum Cereal Company in Battle Creek, later known as Post.  The first cereal manufactured for this company was Grape Nuts, in 1897.

Charles William (C.W.) Post
26 October 1854- 9 May 1914
Burial:  Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek, Michigan

The C.W. Post Mausoleum was built in 1915 at the cost of $100,000.  It is made of 630 tons of white Victoria granite.  The two marble vaults are empty; the actual burial is nine feet below the floor of the mausoleum.

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