21 April 2011

Selling Groceries and Feed in 1883: Those Places Thursday

143-149 Washington Street, Manistee, Michigan (April, 2011)

My great uncle, August Guhse, owned a grocery and feed store at 147-149 Washington Street in Manistee, Michigan. (the left end of the building seen above)  He started his business in 1883 at this location.  August Guhse started his career as a clerk for Henry Mau at a store on River Street, in Manistee.  Next, he worked for Joseph Baur on River Street.  In 1883, August Guhse and Joseph Baur became partners at the Washington Street building, under the firm name of Baur and Guhse.  When Joseph Baur died, August Guhse became sole proprietor.  The store carried a complete line of groceries and provisions, hay, flour and feed.  

The building can be found on the corner of Washington Street and Lincoln St. (it's currently for sale).  This was just a short walk for August as he and his family lived behind the store on Lincoln Street. 

August Guhse was born in Germany in 1850.  He married Ottilie Fredrich on 28 October 1873, in Manistee, Michigan.  August Guhse and Ottilie Fredrich had five children; Otto, Mary, Emma, Alma and Albert.  August Guhse died 4 November 1923 in Manistee, Michigan.

Source:  The Salt City of the Inland Seas. Manistee, Michigan: Manistee Daily News, 1899.  (Available online here.)

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