26 August 2011

Battle Creek Yearbooks-Follow Friday

(Once a month I try to showcase a Battle Creek, Michigan
resource on my blog.  This month's post comes from
Willard Library, Battle Creek, Michigan)

Willard Library, in my hometown of Battle Creek, Michigan, has digitized yearbooks from five local public high schools.  Those high schools and the years covered are:
  1. Battle Creek High School (1894-2000)
  2. Harper Creek High School (1962-2000)
  3. Lakeview High School (1925-2000)
  4. Pennfield High School (1979-2000)
  5. Springfield High School  (1956-1989)
Online access is limited to those with a current Willard Library card.  However, non library card users can access the digitized yearbooks in person at Willard Library.  If you can't travel to our lovely city, then information is provided here (scroll to bottom of page) on having the library staff search, up to five pages, for you.  They will return the search in the form of an emailed pdf. file.

The yearbook digitization project was instituted in order to preserve the yearbooks which are suffering from deterioration.  If you are looking for Battle Creek ancestors, check this wonderful resource out.

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