04 August 2011

Fredrick Centennial Farm: Those Thursday Places

My cousin, Rose Marie Hillard, recently applied for, and received, Centennial Farm designation for the Fredrick family farm.  She said it was a two year process by the time she proved all the relationships and land ownership for the application.

Our (Rose Marie and I) great grandfather, J. August Fredrick, owned the farm first.  Then, it was passed to our grandfather, Otto August Fredricks.  Otto Fredricks sold the farm to his son, Otto Robert Fredricks, who then sold it to Rose Marie and her husband, William. 

Numerous improvements have been made to the house and grounds.  The original house has been remodelled.  The original barn was torn down and a new barn built by my grandfather, Otto.  Other buildings on the farm have been removed.

Congratulations to Rose Marie on achieving Centennial Farm designation. 


  1. Would like to know more history on brethren , daniel odonnell,@popdan@live.com, thank you

  2. Dear Daniel, Thank you for commenting. I will send you an email. I don't have a lot on the history of Brethren beyond what my family history is but maybe I can share some of that with you.