22 August 2011

Happy Birthday, Neil-My Younger Brother

Neil D. Glover-High School Graduation-A 'Few' Years Ago

My only brother, Neil, is celebrating a birthday today.  Neil is 11 years younger than I am.  When I left for college he was only 6 years old.  He told me once that he didn't remember my living at home.  I thought that was kind of sad.  When he was 12, he  moved with my parents to Texas.   I would see him about once a year. 

This past summer my husband and I spent a week with Neil, his wife, Amanda and their darling little girl.  My parents were there, too.  In addition, Amanda's mother was able to join us.  It was a great week.  We rented a house in Beulah, Michigan, near Crystal Lake.

Even though we are miles apart I have fond memories of Neil.  I use to babysit for him when I was in high school.  Neil has always had a great sense of humor.  I don't think I tortured him too much as a child.  If I did, he doesn't remember it anyway! 

Neil had a set of lego's that you could use to make buildings with, I loved helping him with that.  He had matchbox cars and a car wash to go with that.  We would play that.  He had an erector set that use to drive me crazy.  It had thin plastic panels that went into plastic grids and you connected them to erect buildings.  I wasn't very good at it or perhaps it was more that I didn't have the patience for it.  My husband taught Neil to play chess, before I had even met him.  Neil was a great chess player, even won a couple of tournaments.  I use to play chess with him. 

Now, Neil is a huge University of Michigan fan.  So, in honor of your birthday, Neil.  M Go Blue!!

Happy Birthday!

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  1. Brenda,
    As a fellow Wolverine fan and Michigan grad, I'm also sending birthday greetings to your younger brother. Happy birthday, Neil!